Personal Engineering Projects

💽 Bluetooth Minidisc

adding Bluetooth connectivity to a 20 year old Minidisc player


Easily document cables and wiring harnesses

SN76477 Sound Board

Arcade game sound chip in a beautiful enclosure


[Work in progress]

VBB Timetable

How long until the next tram departs?


Teaching a lucky cat (maneki-neko) to point at the International Space Station!

Kanji Clock

Abusing the custom characters of the HD44780 chipset to display some 漢字

LED Polyhedron

3D-soldered blinking platonic solids

Dekoboko 凸凹

Bicycle-powered road quality measuring and mapping

Micro Word Clock

Displaying the time on 8x8 pixels.

Uranium Marble Ring Oscillator

Based on this design.

MexRap 3D Printer

My own Mendel90-based design.

Touchpad Gestures

Controlling OS X and a Mood Lamp

Pixel in my Closet

Music + Arduino + IKEA

Minimalistic AVR Programmer

No external components necessary