Bo Chen

Enway | Co-Founder

Daniel has supported us on all aspects of hardware development for autonomous specialty vehicles, including mechanical and electrical/electronics development and integration.

Thanks to his broad technical knowledge, he is able to quickly come up with and implement reliable solutions during the different stages of prototyping and testing, as well as analyze and troubleshoot the vehicles’ mechatronic systems. Daniel has also helped us set up the company’s workshop and mentored new trainees.

He is a team player with a passion for mechatronics, always willing to share his knowledge and help others to advance.

János Gulyás

Enway | Working Student + Hardware Engineer

Daniel is a super knowlegdable mechanical engineer and electronics hacker.

He is like a tech-chameleon; no matter the nature of the project, he'll come up with the best solution for the given circumstances and can give you a brand new perspective in the domains you'd least expect.

He was a great mentor and a superb partner to work with.

Dustin Jefferson Onghanseng

uHoo | CEO & Co-Founder

I worked with Daniel on two occasions. First was designing the first prototype of an air sensor. Second was during a 24-hour hackathon in building the first prototype of what uHoo is today.

His academic background is Mechanical Engineering, but during the hackathon he quickly activated his full engineering skillset and was able to integrate electronic components and write firmware that made the entire prototype work flawlessly during the presentation to the judges. He covered every aspect needed to be an excellent hardware engineer.

Besides his technical know-how, he has good communication skills. He can elaborate and explain technical concepts in a way that is easy for non-technical people to understand. Having lived overseas, he is culturally sensitive and a fun person to have conversations with. He's an asset to have on your team.

Feng Ni · 倪枫

HKUST | PhD candidate

Daniel was my partner at the HKUST robotics lab. He is a talented engineer and very helpful as a team member. He is able to quickly validate an idea and learn any necessary skill to execute it. He has a wide and solid skillset and broad vision. He has worked with leading edge scientists in robotics and with his contribution, our team published a paper in ICRA 2015.

Daniel is a good time manager: After a detailed and thorough planning, he delivers results in time and does not rush at the expense of quality. He always keeps a positive mood; therefore, working with him is quite an amazing experience. Besides his work in my lab, he engaged with the local community of Makers, exchanging ideas and offering help within his skillset.

I am sure that Daniel is a perfect candidate for a project that requires careful design and quick prototyping. His strong hands-on skills, theoretical background and analytical thinking will ensure a successful outcome.